About Me

Hello! I am Sercan Çepni, an energetic and passionate computer engineer stepping into the world of software. Born in 1989 in Eskişehir, I have continually evolved through numerous university graduations, standing out with my achievements. My educational journey includes degrees from Kocaeli University in Local Administrations, Anadolu University in Public Administration, Kastamonu University in Computer Programming, and Anadolu University in Management Information Systems. Additionally, I completed my Master’s in Computer Engineering from Karabük University.

My Software Journey

From a tender age, I have been intertwined with computers, which over time, morphed into my lifestyle. My software adventure, which initially started with PHP & MySQL, continued with a growing interest in languages like Java, C#, Kotlin, Vue.js, MsSql, and SQLite. My intrigue in network management and servers also led me to hone my skills in areas like Centos Server, Windows Server, cPanel, Plesk, and CyberPanel.

Venturing into AI and NLP

Post my Master’s education, I shifted my focus towards Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, engaging in exhilarating fields like speech-to-text. Additionally, I leveraged the power of Amazon Web Services in my projects, working with services like EC2, Auto Scaling, Lambda, Simple Queue Service, S3, CloudWatch, Amazon EventBridge, VPC, RDS, and Lightsail.

About MachineLearnGuru

MachineLearnGuru is a platform aimed at imparting knowledge and insights on AI and machine learning trends, alongside providing tutorials on critical topics like classification algorithms, training with artificial neural networks, and data processing. Through this blog, I strive to educate enthusiasts and professionals alike, simplifying complex topics and making learning engaging.


The purpose of this blog is to create a community of learners and experts to share knowledge, discuss ideas, and work on projects that have a real-world impact. By sharing tutorials, reviews, and insights on the latest advancements in the field of AI and machine learning, I aim to contribute to the growing body of knowledge in this fascinating field.

Connect with Me

Feel free to reach out to discuss any potential collaborations, or simply to share your thoughts on the latest tech trends. My journey continues, and I am always open to new opportunities and learning experiences.

Personal Interests

Aside from my educational and professional life, I am an aficionado of foreign series and science fiction movies. My curiosity to learn new things and continuously improve myself never ceases.